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The First Responder Vaccine Initiative

In 2001, anthrax was deliberately sent to multiple targets via the U.S. Postal System. In response to the attacks, several emergency responders began a grassroots…

Podcast: Socio-Cultural Understanding of the Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) Region

Part 1 In this podcast, Dr. Zoli discusses what she believes to be the top five challenges for Afghanistan and Pakistan and their relationship today,…

Historical Discussion of the Trinity Nuclear Weapons Test (A Two-Part Webinar Series)

The Trinity test of July 16, 1945 was arguably history’s greatest scientific experiment. It represented not only the capstone of the Manhattan Project, but the…

Podcast: Military Anthropology

Part 1 Anthropology studies humankind in all its aspects, through archeological, biological, ethnological, and linguistic research – it can trace its roots to ancient Greek…

Introduction to U.S. Nuclear Testing: 1945 – 1992

The US ended all underground nuclear tests in the early 1990s in the lead-up to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, conducting its last explosive…

Understanding and Responding to Biological Threats

In recent years, terrorist propaganda campaigns have published materials that extol the merits of attacking the United States and its allies through the use of…