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Upcoming Webinars

Emerging Capabilities for Evaluating Cognitive and Oculomotor Function in Service Members With Traumatic Brain Injury

High rates of traumatic brain injury (TBI) are sustained by U.S. military personnel in combat and garrison environments. Changes in brain function related to TBI can negatively impact military readiness and quality of life. Clinical…

A picture of a nuclear testing facility, with a domed structure to the left and a building in the foreground.

Novel Hyper-Breeder Nuclear Reactor Concept

This webinar will describe a novel hyper-breeder reactor requiring only natural uranium fuel and a breeding ratio of 1.55, which allows the reactor to be started up with some of the depleted uranium fuel. This…

A political map of the Caribbean Sea showing Central and South America.

Security Implications for the United States from Iranian and Hezbollah Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean

This presentation will examine engagement with Latin America by Iran, its government agents, and surrogate groups such as Hezbollah, including terrorist finance, terrorism, and other activities and their evolution in recent years.  It will address…

Past Webinars

Critical Infrastructure Resilience

This webinar discusses the concept of infrastructure resilience, mitigation strategies to improve resilience, and ways to measure resilience.  

Podcast: ICBMs and the DoD

The increase in nuclear proliferation and availability of ballistic missile technology present a growing threat to DoD operations domestically and abroad. Missile defense systems face…

National Security Risks of Emerging Technologies

This webinar defines what emerging technology is, examples of emerging technologies, and why some of the emerging technology can be threats to security.

Podcast: Emerging Bioweapons and the DoD

Bioweapons harvested from naturally occurring pathogens must be produced in large quantities to be viable enough to pose a health risk to those who are…

Podcast: Nuclear Waste Security and Management

The amount of nuclear waste is expected to increase as the world becomes more reliant on nuclear energy. There are two main models regarding nuclear…

Podcast: Monitoring Critical Infrastructure with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

A substantial number of Critical infrastructure components, such as dams, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, etc., were built over 50 years ago; therefore, it is vital to…