USAMMDA, USAMTEAC Teams Test Field-Portable Ventilator, Prolonged Care Kit During Operational Assessment With Fort Liberty-Based Medical Company

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Source: U.S. Army Photo by T. T. Parish/Released,
Source: U.S. Army Photo by T. T. Parish/Released,

November 17, 2023 | Originally published by U.S. Army on November 8, 2023

Team members with the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA) completed a field operational assessment on November 5 at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, testing the field-worthiness of a lightweight, portable ventilator and the Prolonged Care Augmentation Detachment (PCAD) medical equipment set (MES).

The USAMMDA Medical Field Systems Project Management Office team partnered with test officers belonging to the U.S. Army Medical Test and Evaluation Activity (USAMTEAC) and soldiers with the 36th Medical Company Area Support (MCAS) during a field exercise to test and assess the progress of the PCAD MES and the Ventway Sparrow Portable Resuscitator (VSPR).

During the assessment, the MFS medical developers and USAMTEAC evaluators gathered data on device and treatment performance as U.S. Army soldiers with 36th MCAS put the VSPR and PCAD MES through their paces during scenario-based training at Fort Liberty’s Holland Drop Zone. The VSPR is designed to provide resuscitative assistance for injured and wounded service members during en route care, while the PCAD MES is designed to equip joint force medics and medical officers to provide lifesaving and life-prolonging combat casualty treatment at and near the front lines.

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