Scientific and Technical Information (STI)

HDIAC has the task of seeking out and collecting STI generated from research paid for by the DoD or U.S. government and then uploading it to DTIC’s Research & Engineering Gateway in order to increase the body of knowledge available to DoD researchers and engineers.

The HDIAC STI Program is governed by DoD Directive 3200.12, DoD STI Program (STIP), and strives to improve the buying power of the federal government by boosting research and development efficiency and minimizing waste.

HDIAC is principally focused on collecting STI that relates to any of the technical focus areas of Alternative Energy, Biometrics, CBRN Defense, Cultural Studies, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Homeland Defense & Security, Medical, and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Contribute to STI

You are strongly encouraged to submit relevant STI or direct our knowledge management staff toward STI sources in order to support STI collection efforts. To contribute to the STI program, please contact HDIAC.