Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

HDIAC’s SME network is one of the most valuable resources we have. It is made up of SMEs with expertise across HDIAC’s technical focus areas who are interested and available to provide insight and information to the Center and others in the homeland defense and security community. HDIAC SMEs predominantly consist of volunteers, all of whom are willing to lend their expertise to help other community practitioners.

How Can You Help as an HDIAC SME?

HDIAC SMEs provide a wealth of knowledge and information through a variety of means. The following describes a few of the many important ways HDIAC SMEs support the homeland defense and security community:

Delivering Technical Presentations and Articles

HDIAC delivers webinars and publishes web articles on new ideas and emerging trends in science and engineering in any of the technical focus areas. Our SMEs frequently author and contribute to these.

Shaping Information Products

HDIAC generates information products to inform and educate the homeland defense systems community. We leverage SMEs as part of a steering panel to help guide the development and review of the information products to ensure that they offer the maximum benefit.

Responding to Technical Inquiries (TIs)

HDIAC regularly fields and responds to TIs on a range of homeland defense systems topics; we rely on SME support to help us find an answer and quickly respond to the requester.

Are You an HDIAC SME?

If you are a contributing member of the homeland defense and security community and are willing to help others with your expertise, you are an HDIAC SME! Our SMEs come from various backgrounds, such as DoD research laboratories, active and/or retired military service, academia, industry, and HDIAC’s own technical staff.