Joint Civil & DoD CBRN

March 23, 2022 - March 24, 2022

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Hosted By: Defense Strategies Institute

Location: National Harbor, MD

The 10th Annual Joint Civil and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Symposium will provide a forum for members of the DoD, federal government, state and local government, private industry, academia, and other relevant CBRN stakeholders to discuss the latest updates in advancing a government-wide approach to improving CBRN defense, readiness, and response strategies and capabilities.

Topics will include the following:

  • Transforming How the Nation Thinks About CBRN Defense
  • Developing CBRN Defense Equipment and Medical Countermeasures to Protect the Joint Force
  • Managing a Coordinated and Effective Response to WMD Threats
  • Coordinating With Domestic and International Partners to Safeguard the United States Against CBRN and Health Security Threats
  • Delivering Advanced Medical Countermeasures to Mitigate Harmful CBRN Effects

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