Dr. Frank Bourke, Ph.D.

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Dr. Frank Bourke, Fulbright Grant, Institute of Psychiatry, London has 43 years of professional experience in a variety of areas to include business working as a CEO managing twelve psychiatric hospitals, academia serving as a lecturer, Cornell University as well as operating in numerous clinical settings, including one year in NYC where he was responsible for a rehabilitation program for 850 World Trade Center survivors following the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Currently, Dr. Bourke is the Executive Director of the Research and Recognition Nonprofit Project which was founded to research an effective treatment for PTSD. Research studies of the Research and Recognition Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) protocol have shown positive results, relieving PTSD symptoms in over 90% of the 160 male and female veteran participants. The Project is now committed to training counselors to support a national program aimed at making the RTM Protocol available to PTSD diagnosed veterans.

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