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Steven Armentrout, PhD, is co-founder and CEO of Parabon NanoLabs, a DNA technology company named by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 5 Most Innovative Companies in 2018. Dr. Armentrout is a machine learning expert, with nearly 30 years’ experience designing and using high-performance computing solutions to solve challenging problems in a wide range of domains, including stock selection, facial recognition, and DNA nanocarrier design. Under his leadership, Parabon revolutionized forensic DNA analysis with its Snapshot® Advanced DNA Analysis service, which began as a Department of Defense contract with the original intent of identifying bomb makers who had created improvised explosive devices. Since being made available to law enforcement, the technology has generated leads resulting in over 130 positive identifications in cases that had been cold, on average, for over 25 years. He has also served as Principal Investigator for research projects funded by NASA, NSF, DoE and NIH, and he is currently working on a technique for DNA nanostructure design, which he will describe in this webinar. Dr. Armentrout holds a PhD in Computer Science specializing in neural networks from the University of Maryland.

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