Frances Veasey

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Ms. Veasey is a Principal Analyst and has been with ANSER for 19 years, during which she has worked with a variety of agencies, including NASA, FEMA, and Defense Security Services, to improve organizational management using systems thinking, assessments/evaluations, and strategic planning tools. She has performed evaluations for USAID, Departments of State and Defense, and Teach For All, and has co-designed and -delivered systems thinking training for local NGOs to improve the design and evaluation of their programs, interventions, and advocacy efforts. She also currently assists the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with design and execution of internationally-focused training and exercises that build partner countries’ health emergency preparedness as part of the Global Health Security Agenda. For 10 years she designed and evaluated exercises and training and exercise programs that improved disaster and emergency management processes for FEMA, the National Guard, state and local emergency management agencies, and their partners. Ms. Veasey holds a MS degree in Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases and a BS in Biology, both from Georgetown University. She is a certified Project Management Professional.

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