What capabilities exist to eliminate the “memory effect” of furan and dioxin in pollution abatement systems?

Source: U.S. Army photo by Bethani Crouch
Source: U.S. Army photo by Bethani Crouch

Posted: December 12, 2023

Deadline: December 15, 2023

The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) was recently tasked with finding solutions to eliminate the “chemical memory effect” of gaseous or solid particulate dioxin and furan by-products that accumulate in given pollution abatement systems after substance combustion/incineration. Of particular interest are detoxification or sanitization capabilities, although any other type of elimination to the chemical memory effect would also be considered.

If you are willing to assist in this effort or know or someone who might be willing to assist, please provide contact information and details in the attached form here or in an e-mail to Daniel Fleming (daniel.p.fleming8.ctr@mail.mil), the lead HDIAC analyst on this effort, or engage on the DoDTechipedia forum by clicking the “Join the Discussion” button below.

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