Memory Effect Mitigation of an Incinerator’s Pollution Abatement System

Source: U.S. Army photo by Bethani Crouch
Source: U.S. Army photo by Bethani Crouch

Posted on January 29, 2024 | Completed on December 19, 2023

How can the "memory effect" of an incinerator's pollution abatement system be removed after it becomes contaminated with dioxins and furans?

The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) was asked to provide information on the removal of the “memory effect” from an incinerator’s pollution abatement system after it becomes contaminated with dioxins and furans. The overarching objective is to eliminate dioxin and furan emissions. However, a realistic goal will be centered on finding the most cost-effective capabilities for maintaining sub-threshold dioxin and furan emission (whether constantly cleaning the pollution abatement system, replacing parts to the system, or changing the filters used/preventative maintenance schedule, including additional “catches/controls” for dioxins/furans, etc.).

The inquirer’s primary interests were in finding effective technological approaches that are also economically feasible. HDIAC staff partnered with SciTech Services, Inc., to research this topic and generate a report on the various technological approaches to reducing dioxin and furan emissions during the incineration process.

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