What references or fact sheets describe the newest technologies in the detection of CBRN agents and/or material?

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Posted on June 24, 2020 | Completed on June 24, 2020

What references or fact sheets describe the newest technologies in the detection of CBRN agents and/or material?

1. Inquiry

HDIAC received the following technical inquiry regarding a review of the newest CBRN detection equipment technology:

In my new role as the CBRN Strategic Planner for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA), one of my responsibilities is to conduct scientific literature searches for current and emerging CBRN detection capabilities, especially those designated as “commercial-off-the-shelf” in addition to the latest “green” gear being managed by the [Joint Program Executive Office for CBRN Defense] JPEO-CBRND.

What I need is a listing of references or fact sheets that describe the newest technologies in the detection of CBRN agents and/or material. Please call me if you have any questions [1].

NOTE:  In a follow-up phone conversation with the TI Owner, the following additional details concerning the TI were provided:

The PFPA uses mostly COTS gear, and would like to better understand the “really interesting [detection] devices” that may be coming out in industry or are currently being researched. The TI Owner is looking for links to websites of these devices, and will do the analysis of their usefulness for PFPA [2].

2. HDIAC Response

HDIAC analysts conducted research to provide data on current information regarding CBRN detection technology and undertook a literature review of publicly available data, as well as on the common access card (CAC)-enabled website of the JPEO CBRND, the results of which are provided in this report.

3. Results of Literature Search and Review of Documents

3.1 CBRN Detector Technologies in Research, Development, or Currently Used

Table 1 gives open source information regarding the name of the product or technology, its description and purpose, what its current stage of development is, and the appropriate website links to more information on the product.

Table 1: Results of Open Source Literature Search

Product Name Description/Purpose Stage of Development
Protein Nanowires Currently used to detect ammonia but can be used to detect other compounds Research
Bioelectronic protein nanowire sensors for ammonia detection Author(s): Smith, A.F., Liu, X., Woodard, T. L. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12274-020-2825-6
PLOT-cryo Used to Detect airborne chemicals, such as to detect explosives Research
Field demonstration of portable vapor sampling in a simulated cargo container Author(s): Harries, M. E., Bruno, T. J. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2468170919300797
Robot Nose Used to Detect Chemicals in the air like a biological dog nose Research
Vapor detection and discrimination with a panel of odorant receptors Author(s): Kida, H., Fukutani, Y., Mainland, J. D. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-06806-w
DART Ionization for rapid, noncontact surface sampling Development
IonSense https://www.ionsense.com/DART_Technology/DART_Technology/en
Radiation Detection Systems Detect radioactive materials in cargo containers Civilian Use – Custom
SRNL Radiation Detection Systems Operating at Ports of Tacoma and NY/NJ

Author(s): CBRNE Central Staff

https://cbrnecentral.com/srnl-radiation-detection-systems-operating-at-ports-of-tacoma- and-ny-nj/24006/

Griffin G510 Portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer Retail


Sphyrad MS Radiation Probe Retail

https://www.bertin-instruments.com/product/dose-rate-survey-meters/saphyrad-ms- survey-meter/

MX908 Detects – Chemicals, Explosives, Drugs Retail
908 Devices


NanoRam-1064 Detects – narcotics, Explosives, Hazmat, Precursors Retail


TraceX Explosive Detection Kit Detects – Determine type of explosive Retail
Morphix Technologies


Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband Wearable detector of chemical agents Retail
Morphix Technologies


Ionscan 600 Detect – Explosives and Narcotics Retail
Smiths Detection


HazmatID Elite Hand-held FT-IR Chemical Identifier Retail
Smiths Detection


3.2 Department of Defense Equipment

The JPEO CBRND maintains a list of fact sheets for its CBRN equipment at its website, the Joint Acquisition CBRN Knowledge System (JACKS). JACKS contains more than 100 fact sheets on CBRN Defense equipment, including more than two dozen pieces of detection and sampling equipment. The JACKS website can be reached with a common access card at: https://pki.jacks.jpeocbrnd.army.mil/Jacks/Secure/Publications/FactSheets/FactSheetFinder.aspx

Table 2 is an unclassified summary of common DoD CBRN detection equipment, including the item name, purpose, and a link to an open-source website for further information.

Table 2: CBRN Detection Equipment

Product Name Description/Purpose
XM12 Aerosol Vapor Chemical Agent Detector (AVCAD) A system to detect, identify, alarm, and report the presence of aerosol and vapor chemical hazards.
https://cbrnecentral.com/ngcd1-aerosol-vapor-chemical-agent- detector/10387/#:~:text=NGCD1%2C%20now%20named%20XM12%20Aerosol,aerosol


CBRN Dismounted Reconnaissance Sets Kits and Outfits (DR SKO) A set of mission-specific kits that provides detection and identification of volatile organic compounds, toxic industrial chemicals/materials, etc.
Chemical Biological Mass Spectrometer Block II (CBMS II) A vehicle-borne point detection and reconnaissance device with a combined chemical and biological detection and identification unit
Analytical Laboratory System (ALS) A C-130 air-transportable system to analyze chemical and biological threats
Common Analytical Laboratory System (CALS) A common, modular, transportable analytical laboratory system
https://globalbiodefense.com/2013/11/14/rfi-cbrne-common-analytical-laboratory- system/
FLIR IdentiFINDER A handheld device for detecting gamma radiation and identifying the radionuclide
HAPSITE ER Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Sampling System (HAPSITE SPME) An extension to HAPSITE ER that expands the chemical identification capabilities of the device
https://products.inficon.com/en-us/nav-products/product/detail/solid-phase- microextraction-(spme)-sampling-system/
Improved Chemical Agent Monitor (ICAM) A handheld post-attack device used to monitor chemical agent contamination
https://fas.org/man/dod- 101/sys/land/icam.htm#:~:text=The%20ICAM%20is%20a%20hand,microprocessor%2 0techniques%20to%20reject%20interferences
Instantaneous Bio-Analyzer and Collector (IBAC) A sensor for bio-aerosol monitoring and sampling
Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) A bio-detection instrument that is capable of point-detection, identification, and sampling
Joint Biological Tactical Detection System (JBTDS) A system to detect, collect, and identify biological warfare agents
https://asc.army.mil/web/portfolio-item/cbd-joint-biological-tactical-detection-system- jbtds- 2/#:~:text=The%20Joint%20Biological%20Tactical%20Detection,enhancing%20medical


Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological Agent Water Monitor (JCBRAWM) A kit that provides waterborne biological and radiological detection
Joint Service Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detector (JSLSCAD) An infrared detection system to detect chemical agents
https://fas.org/man/dod- 101/sys/land/jslscad.htm#:~:text=Joint%20Services%20Lightweight%20Standoff%20Ch emical%20Agent%20Detector%20(JSLSCAD),the%20ambient%20background%20IR%20 radiation
M100 Sorbent Decon Systems (M100 SDS) A system for decontamination of surfaces
https://www.armystudyguide.com/content/army_board_study_guide_topics/cbrn/decon tamination- equipment.shtml#:~:text=Sorbent%20Decontamination%20System%20(SDS)%20M100. &text=The%20system%20uses%20powdered%20sorbent,25%20and%20120%20degree s%20F
M22 Automatic Chemical Agent Detection Alarm (ACADA) An automatic chemical agent alarm system for detection and identification of blister and nerve agents
https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m22- acada.htm#:~:text=Automatic%20Chemical%20Agent%20Alarm%20(ACADA),an%20au dio%20and%20visual%20alarm.
Smart Air Sampler System 3100 (SASS 3100) An air sampler for collection of biological and radioactive aerosols
RAID-M Handheld Chemical Agent Detector (RAID-M) A handheld chemical agent detector
RAE Systems MultiRAE Pro A handheld device for monitoring chemical threats and gamma radiation
RAE Systems AreaRAE RDK Kit A set of devices that create a perimeter for detection of toxic and radioactive substances
Radiac Set AN/UDR-13 (RADIACS- 13) A handheld device for measuring gamma and neutron radiation
Radiac Set AN/VDR-2 (RADIACS-2) A vehicle mounted or handheld device to perform radiological surveys
https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/an-vdr- 2.htm#:~:text=AN%2FVDR%2D2%20Radiac%20Set,personnel%2C%20equipment%2C% 20and%20supplies
Radiac Set AN/PDR-75 (RADIACS- 75) A set of devices to monitor and record exposure of an individual to gamma and neutron radiation
https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/an-pdr- 75.htm#:~:text=The%20Radiac%20Set%20AN%2FPDR,a%20phosphate%20glass%20ga mma%20detector
Radiac Set AN/PDR-77 (RADIACS- 77) A set of equipment to detect beta and gamma radiation
https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/an-pdr- 77.htm#:~:text=AN%2FPDR%2D77%20Radiac%20Set,%2C%20and%20x%2Dray%20pr obe
ORTEC Micro-Detective HX A handheld device to detect gamma and neutron radiation and identify the radionuclide
https://www.ortec-online.com/products/nuclear-security-and-safeguards/hand-held- radioisotope-identifiers-riids/micro-detective-hx
M4A1 Joint Chemical Agent Detector (M4A1 JCAD) A handheld device to automatically detect, identify, and alarm chemical agents


[1] S. Malone. “osTicket Subject: Newest CBRN Detection Equipment Technology,” 11 June 2020.

[2] S. Malone. Interviewee, Phone conversation with TI Owner, 12 June 2020.

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