Innovative Attachment Systems for Improved Performance of Prosthetics & Exoskeletons

Presented: January 30, 2019 2:00 pm
Presented by: Randy Alley, BSc, CP

Presented by Randy Alley, CEO & Chief Prosthetist for Biodesigns, Inc., this webinar discusses innovative attachment systems that could be used to improve the performance of prosthetics and exoskeletons.

Traditional approaches to attaching prosthetics or orthopedic devices to limbs use a simple capture approach, which has little regard for skeletal biomechanics, leaving the wearer without full control of his/her limb. Similarly, the standard approach in the exoskeleton and bionics market is to capture the limb, with little regard to natural limb movement.

These fundamental principles of traditional human attachment exert too little influence on the underlying bone—making them biomechanically inefficient and unsuitable for maximizing function.

In this webinar, Randy Alley will discuss a non-surgical technique that utilizes soft tissue compression and release which offers an alternative to other more-invasive methods.


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