Taking Exercise Conditioning Past Conventional Boundaries

Jumping from plane 110623-F-XI929-029 (Source:  U.S. Air Force).
Jumping from plane 110623-F-XI929-029 (Source: U.S. Air Force).

Presented: October 13, 2021 12:00 pm
Presented by: Robert P. Garner, Ph.D.

Physical performance capacity is critical to the Warfighter to be able to carry out the mission.  Competitive sports have pushed for improvements in conditioning throughout history, but the implication for work-related endeavors or health may be more important.

Over the last two or three decades, there has been tremendous interest in using pressure variations to positively impact various aspects of human physiology in both health and disease.  A training protocol has been developed based on this extensive research collection and experience in developing aviation research protocols.  The data collected represent a case study in which a professional combat sports athlete engaged in the protocol during a pre-fight training camp.  As demonstrated by a separation of altitude training segments, work capacity increased beyond intensive, traditional methods.  Findings suggest that the concepts can extend highly conditioned individuals toward their limiting genetic potential or more effectively facilitate physical improvements in normal or rehabilitative settings.


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