The Clear and Present Threat of Chem-Bio and Data and Cyberscientific and Technological (CB-DCST) Tools and Techniques


Presented by: Dr. James Giordano, Ph.D., MPhil

Given the current global shift toward symmetrical warfare, major powers and nonstate proxies are developing radical leveling and emerging technology for use as “deterrence leveraging” in nonkinetic and kinetic engagements. Although regnant treaties and conventions are postured to govern chemical and biological weapons, novel advances in genetics, synthetic biology, and neuroscience can enable side-stepping such international regulatory constraints when coupled with big data and cyberscientific tools and methods.  These advances can also afford rapid scientific and technological progress in ways that pose a clear and present threat to global biosecurity and defense.

In this webinar, Dr. James Giordano will present an overview of current and emerging developments in CB-DCST; describe trajectories for their deterrent applications in nonkinetic and/or kinetic engagements; address ethico-legal issues relevant to their research, use, and governance; and propose a paradigm for realistic approach to informing surveillance, forecasting, and regulatory control.

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