The Continued Threat of Infectious Diseases to the U.S. Military
U.S. Soldiers with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 28th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade stand in formation while adhering to social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 mitigation directives.

Presented: January 15, 2021 12:00 pm
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The U.S. military is an expeditionary force and constantly engaged in global missions. During deployment, servicemembers are often at risk from infectious diseases which have the potential to make the individual and the unit mission incapable and cause significant morbidity and mortality. Diseases such as malaria, dengue, diarrheal diseases, and many others threaten the force and require medical countermeasures to eliminate or mitigate the risk.

This webinar builds on Dr. Tim Endy’s infectious disease webinar in February of 2020 and the HDIAC Infectious Disease State of the Art Report published in April of 2020; in this latest webinar, Dr. Stephen Thomas will explore the historical beginnings of global infectious disease threats. Dr. Thomas will review the epidemiology, clinical presentation, and current status of therapeutic and preventive measures for common threats. Additionally, U.S. military contributions to countermeasure development will be discussed.


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