Ordering Ions: ORNL Study Inches Toward Answer on Power Source Origins

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National Renewable Energy Laboratory
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

June 6, 2023 | Originally published by Oak Ridge National Laboratory on May 26, 2023

study led by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory could uncover new ways to produce more powerful, longer-lasting batteries and memory devices.

The research examines the causes behind the ordering, or pattern formation, of ions that carry a positive charge, also called cations, in double perovskite oxides, a type of metal considered promising as a potential source of cleaner, more sustainable energy for its magnetism and ability to conduct electricity.

“If we can understand the fundamental mechanism behind these properties, then we could attempt to grow or otherwise create these perovskite materials for such applications as batteries, memory devices and capacitors,” said Ayana Ghosh, an ORNL research scientist and the study’s lead author. “We’ve developed a formula from this study that we’ll give to the rest of the world.”

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