Alternative Energy

Novel, nontraditional, and emerging sources and technologies for harvesting, generating, storing, transmitting/transporting, and reusing energy.

Recent Inquiries

Microreactor Technology

Can you research and provide publicly releasable microreactor power information geared toward supporting U.S. military efforts that have dual-use capabilities?

Lithium-Ion Battery Information Request

What are the specifications and availability of lithium-ion batteries from a North American supply chain?

Energy and Sustainability Curricula in Military Schools and Universities

Where do energy management, water management, climate change, sustainable construction, waste management, and other energy and sustainability (E&S)-relevant topics fit into military educational institutions’ existing programs?


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Materials Science That Breaks the Efficiency, Lightweight, Reliability Trade: Efficient Multijunction Solar Cells on Flexible Substrates

The defense and consumer industries have long sought ways to turn solar energy into electrical power with a compelling union of lightweight, high-efficiency, power density and acceptable cost. The priority of ultrahigh efficiency is more…

Microgrid Solutions for DoD Mission Energy Assurance

The adoption of microgrids is a promising solution for providing U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) installations with non-interruptible, always-on power. In recent years, DoD microgrids have progressed well beyond the demonstration stage, and multiple domestic…

New Energy Sources: Clean and Economic Hydrogen Production From Subsurface

While fossil fuels have powered society for more than 150 years, they are criticized for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and concomitant global warming concerns. Clean and economic energy is needed to meet the energy demands…


2023 Innovative Smart Grid Technologies North America (ISGT NA)

The 2023 North American Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference will take place in Washington, D.C., from January 16 to January 19, 2023. The theme for the 2023 ISGT NA is “Moving to a Self-Driving Grid.”…

RENEW Wisconsin Energy Summit

The enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) opens a new chapter in the transition to a clean energy future. The IRA provides a systematic and interwoven tapestry of policies for accelerating and sustaining private…

Energy Progress & Innovation (EPIC) 2023

The mission for EPIC, the Energy Progress & Innovation Conference, is to energize industry and individuals in a competitive market through education, technology, and networking. Breakout sessions will include topics such as: Hydrogen Basics, Trends,…