Alternative Energy

Novel, nontraditional, and emerging sources and technologies for harvesting, generating, storing, transmitting/transporting, and reusing energy.

Recent Inquiries

Bacteria and Fungi Contamination in Fuel and Hydraulic Oil

What fungi and bacteria have contaminated fuel and hydraulic fluid?

Current and Projected U.S. Department of Defense Regulations for Storing and Distributing Alternative Fuels

What are current and projected U.S. Department of Defense regulations for storing and distributing alternative fuels?

Power Beaming Subject Matter Experts in the DoD

Who are Power Beaming Subject Matter Experts within the Department of Defense community?


Schematic drawing of an ALPACA instrument.

New Instrument Could Help Scientists Tailor Plasma to Produce More Fusion Heat

Creating heat from fusion reactions requires carefully manipulating the properties of plasma, the electrically charged fourth state of matter that makes up 99% of the visible universe. Now, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s…

Simulation of plasma/fusion interactions by highlighting color bands.

Simulating the Fourth State of Matter to Harness Fusion

As you gaze into the night sky, stars look like tiny, glowing pinpricks shining through the dark. But inside those stars, reactions occur that produce staggering amounts of energy. All stars – including our sun…

Nuclear Tower Stacks along river bank emits vapor clouds. Sun sets behind tower stacks.

NRC Endorses New Guidance for Advanced Reactor Licensing

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued new guidance documents to facilitate the licensing process for non-light water reactor designs. The guidance is expected to significantly reduce the regulatory uncertainty for new reactor concepts that…


DoD Nuclear Energy Use Case – A Combatant Command Perspective

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) was an early adopter of nuclear power and pioneered research of mobile nuclear energy.  In addition to the well-documented U.S. Navy nuclear propulsion program, the U.S. Army constructed eight…

A Technical Review on Common Myths About Nuclear Energy

This webinar will examine the various antinuclear claims that appeal to extreme radiological risk. The presentation will start with a review of radiation risk and ALARA. The social myths will include false narratives associated with…

Materials Science That Breaks the Efficiency, Lightweight, Reliability Trade: Efficient Multijunction Solar Cells on Flexible Substrates

The defense and consumer industries have long sought ways to turn solar energy into electrical power with a compelling union of lightweight, high-efficiency, power density and acceptable cost. The priority of ultrahigh efficiency is more…


Wind farm with energy storage containers on site.

16th Operational Energy Summit

In its 16th year, the IDGA’s Operational Energy Summit is set to provide a dynamic platform for advancing ideas, fostering discussions, and promoting collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of operational energy within the Department of…

Nuclear Tower Stacks along river bank emits vapor clouds. Sun sets behind tower stacks.

The 2nd Annual Nuclear Energy Security Summit

This 2024 Summit is gathering an assembly of government and industry leaders, subject matter experts, and regional stakeholders to chart a transformative path for advanced nuclear power technology that aligns with both U.S. and international…

The 12th IEEE Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT) Conference

The 12th IEEE Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT) conference will be held January 29-30, 2024, at the DoubleTree – Mission Valley in San Diego, CA. EESAT has been a forum for presenting advances…