Alternative Energy

Novel, nontraditional, and emerging sources and technologies for harvesting, generating, storing, transmitting/transporting, and reusing energy.

Recent Inquiries

Lithium-Ion Battery Information Request

What are the specifications and availability of lithium-ion batteries from a North American supply chain?

Energy and Sustainability Curricula in Military Schools and Universities

Where do energy management, water management, climate change, sustainable construction, waste management, and other energy and sustainability (E&S)-relevant topics fit into military educational institutions’ existing programs?

Concepts Behind E-Cat SK

Are "virtual particle reactions" capable of producing energy?


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Resilience by Design: Microgrid Solutions for Energy Assurance

The adoption of microgrids is a promising solution for providing U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) installations with noninterruptible, always-on power. In recent years, DoD microgrids have progressed well beyond the demonstration stage, and multiple domestic…

New Energy Sources: Clean and Economic Hydrogen Production From Subsurface

While fossil fuels have powered society for more than 150 years, they are criticized for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and concomitant global warming concerns. Clean and economic energy is needed to meet the energy demands…

Energy Security

This webinar describes the sophisticated global setting where energy security, national security, and geopolitics intersect. People everywhere want abundant, reliable, clean, and affordable energy. Nation-states have a geopolitical identity and geopolitical aspirations for influence. Energy…


Cleantech Forum North America

Cleantech Forum North America will be back in Palm Springs, at the same venue as 2022, on January 23-25, 2023. The theme, From commitments to actions: the sprint to net zero is on, will inspire a…

Distributed Energy Conference

Co-located with the Experience POWER and Hydrogen Next conferences, the Distributed Energy Conference will take place at the Gaylord Rockies Center in Denver, CO from October 3-6. It is designed to bring utility- and small-scale…

Experience POWER

From traditional central power stations and grid infrastructure to distributed energy resources and the hydrogen economy, Experience POWER covers all aspects of the electric power sector and facilitates the conversations necessary to manage the global…