Alternative Energy

Novel, nontraditional, and emerging sources and technologies for harvesting, generating, storing, transmitting/transporting, and reusing energy.

Recent Inquiries

Lithium-Ion Battery Information Request

What are the specifications and availability of lithium-ion batteries from a North American supply chain?

Energy and Sustainability Curricula in Military Schools and Universities

Where do energy management, water management, climate change, sustainable construction, waste management, and other energy and sustainability (E&S)-relevant topics fit into military educational institutions’ existing programs?

Concepts Behind E-Cat SK

Are "virtual particle reactions" capable of producing energy?


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Energy Security

This webinar describes the sophisticated global setting where energy security, national security, and geopolitics intersect. People everywhere want abundant, reliable, clean, and affordable energy. Nation-states have a geopolitical identity and geopolitical aspirations for influence. Energy…

Small Nuclear Reactors – Project Pele

The Defense Science Board has identified energy as one of the main enablers of future military operations and has noted that military energy usage could grow significantly in the near future, outpacing improvements to alternative…

Power Beaming & Space Solar Innovation

Wireless power beaming is the transmission of electrical energy without a physical link. In a wireless power transmission system, a transmitter device, driven by electric power from a power source, transmits power across space to…


DoD Energy & Power Summit

The 4th Annual DoD Energy and Power Summit will focus on the technologies and policies necessary to support greater energy efficiency, resiliency, affordability, and environmental sustainability for the Department of Defense for both fixed and…

Large Scale Solar USA

The 11th edition of the Large Scale Solar Summit is coming to the US. Session topics will include: Energy Storage: Reliability for Solar Extreme Weather: Mitigating Risk and Safeguarding Revenue Establishing Supply Chain Predictability for…

SOLAR 2022

The American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) 51st Annual National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2022, will be held at the University of New Mexico and online. The theme of this year’s conference is “Energy Transition with Economic…