Critical Infrastructure Protection

The protection of infrastructure and resources critical to national security; composed of national infrastructure, physical and virtual systems, cyberinfrastructure, and continuity of operations.

Recent Inquiries

Safety Culture in the U.S. Pipeline Industry

Safety Culture in the U.S. Pipeline Industry

The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center received a request for research and analysis of safety culture assessments and incident rates within the U.S. pipeline industry. HDIAC highlighted the most commonly occurring safety incidents…


Feature Article: S&T Leading the Way in Adapting to Climate Change and Building Community Resilience

According to the United States Global Change Research Program, more frequent and intense extreme weather, and climate-related events, as well as changes in average climate conditions, are expected to continue to damage infrastructure, ecosystems, and social…

New Thinking to Turn Infrastructure Dollars Into Resilience

The current federal push for a historic investment in the nation’s infrastructure comes at a time when America’s roads, bridges, and other public resources and services appear to be suffering from a chronic resilience deficit….

DHS Announces New Cybersecurity Requirements for Critical Pipeline Owners and Operators

Today, the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a Security Directive that will enable the Department to better identify, protect against, and respond to threats to critical companies in the pipeline sector….


Critical Infrastructure Protection: Assessing the Risk in the Post Pandemic

The pandemic has posed new challenges for critical infrastructure protection (CIP), including identifying decision makers and executing organizations’ responses to incidents. Additionally, many institutions are facing emerging threats and hazards as they return to regular…

Podcast: Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Part 1 Critical infrastructure (CI) is not only essential for the successful functioning of governance and society, it is a critical element to homeland defense and security. A power grid functioning at full capacity, an…

Podcast: Disaster Emergency Response and Recovery

Part 1 In part one of this two-part podcast, HDIAC analyst Amber Garvey interviews Dr. Tonya Thornton, the Director for Extramural Projects at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government. The discussion begins…


3rd Annual Department of Defense (DoD) Energy and Power Summit

The 3rd Annual DoD Energy and Power Summit will focus on the technologies and policies necessary to support greater energy efficiency, resiliency, affordability, and environmental sustainability for the DoD for both fixed and mobile environments…

2021 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Winter Meeting and Technology Expo

The 2021 ANS Winter Meeting is an informative, educational, and networking event for attendees from every facet of nuclear science and technology. The Technology Expo will provide a glimpse into the applications of new technology…

Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo

The American Nuclear Society’s Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo will provide more focus on the current challenges facing the U.S. nuclear industry and practical approaches the industry needs to survive and thrive in…