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19 DECEMBER 2023

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DHA Health Hazard Assessment Team Doing Critical Work to Improve Warfighter Brain Health

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. – A little over a year ago, in June 2022, the U.S. Department of Defense launched the Warfighter Brain Health Initiative (WBHI) to bring together the operational and medical communities in a more unified approach toward optimizing service member brain health and countering traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The WBHI specifically focuses…


Featured Notable Technical Inquiry

Nefarious Uses of Biological/Biochemical Additive Manufacturing (AM)

This technical inquiry is related to the HDIAC webinar “Printing Destruction: AM, WMD, and the Emerging Challenges to Security” presented by Gregory Nichols and in support of the presentation “Illicit Weapons Production:  Assessing Gaps in Additive Manufacturing Security” at the 2023 International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing.  The research and publications supplied to the inquirer could be summarized with potential nefarious utilizations of AM on weapons…

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Homeland Defense and Future Warfighting Challenges Arising From the People’s Republic of China Activities in the Western Hemisphere

This webinar will discuss the range of vulnerabilities to the United States stemming from the growing activities of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), its companies, military, security agencies, and other agents in the Western Hemisphere in peacetime and in the context of a possible future military conflict with the PRC.  We will focus on…



Digital Engineering for Defense Summit

The Digital Engineering for Defense Summit will bring together leaders from across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), military services, industry, academia, and other relevant stakeholders to support the integration of digital engineering tools and…

American Nuclear Society Annual Conference 2024

The 2024 American Nuclear Society Annual Conference is an event focused on highlighting and progressing nuclear sciences and technologies for their contributions to improving people’s lives and preserving the planet. During the conference, key talking…

National Homeland Security Conference 2024

The National Homeland Security Conference brings together professionals in homeland security, law enforcement, fire, and emergency management. They include officials in federal agencies, nonprofit agencies, business owners, universities, and decision-makers to contribute or learn about…

Law Enforcement-Homeland Security Forum & Technology Exposition 2024

The 2024 Law Enforcement-Homeland Security Forum & Technology Exposition is a classified forum that will feature keynote speakers, presentations, panel discussions, and case studies on topics germane to federal law enforcement, homeland security, the intelligence…

The 92nd MORS Symposium

For over 55 years, the annual Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium has been an opportunity for the national security community to exchange information, examine research, and discuss critical national security topics. Held in notable…

Biometrics Institute US Strategy Forum

The Biometrics Institute provides an independent platform for discussion about the responsible, ethical, and effective use of biometrics. This year, the Biometrics Institute will be taking these conversations further seeking to create even more interaction…

The 2nd Annual Nuclear Energy Security Summit

This 2024 Summit is gathering an assembly of government and industry leaders, subject matter experts, and regional stakeholders to chart a transformative path for advanced nuclear power technology that aligns with both U.S. and international…

Voice From the Community

Dr. James Giordano

Pellegrino Center Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry

Dr. James Giordano is a Pellegrino Center professor of neurology and biochemistry, chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program, and codirector of the Project on Brain Science and Global Health Law and Policy at Georgetown University Medical Center. He serves as senior bioethicist of the Defense Medical Ethics Center, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences; Stockdale distinguished fellow of science, technology, and ethics at the U.S. Naval Academy; and nonresident senior fellow of the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY.

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