National Fire Control Symposium 2023

April 24, 2023 - April 27, 2023

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NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. -- About 50 pounds of ammonium-nitrate fuel was used to destroy a small vehicle here on March 29.  The car was bombed as a part of a large-vehicle bomb, post-blast investigation class.  The class trains bomb technicians worldwide in the post-blast investigation process after terrorist attacks (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Kenny Kennemer).
U.S. Air Force

Hosted By: Blue52 Productions

Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL

The National Fire Control Symposium (NFCS) is a triservice-supported event with technical program lead advisory rotating among the Services. The U.S. Army will provide lead technical advisorship for the April 2023 event in its 29th year.

The NFCS is the only all-Service forum for discussing the entire kill chain applicable to the Joint Military Services, as well as their research and development centers and defense industry partners. Technical content includes the presentation, demonstration, discussion, and sharing of advanced concepts required for force management and pre-mission planning; locating, identifying, targeting, and attacking air, sea, ground, and space targets; and performing post-attack evaluations, as well as the integration, testing, tactics, and training required to maintain our tactical advantage. The symposium addresses the application and integration of sensing, information interoperability, command and control, and weapons used for countering difficult targets characterized as concealed, time-critical, urban, deeply buried, or electronic.

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