Published:  June 12, 2015

In the second issue of Volume 2 of the HDIAC Journal, we look at how advances in medical, alternative energy, and homeland defense and security technologies can assist the Department of Defense. First, we review how advancements in harnessing power from the sea can benefit the DoD in developing further alternative energy sources. We also see how scientists are working to make battlefield MRI a reality for warfighters, which could be instrumental in providing medical diagnostics to soldiers.

In This Issue

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U.S. National Biosurveillance: An Integrated Enterprise

Biosurveillance: Threat, purposes and requirements Since the 1970s, newly emerging diseases have been identified at a rate of one or more per year. Further, terrorism experts warn that both terrorists and nations seek to obtain…

Death by Technology: The Need for Law to Mitigate Risk

Barnaby Jack was a brilliant New Zealand grey hat hacker, a subclass of ethical hackers. “In general terms, ethical hackers are authorized to break into supposedly ‘secure’ computer systems without malicious intent, but with the…

Battlefield MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the best method for non-invasive imaging of soft tissue anatomy, saving countless lives each year. It is regarded as the gold standard for diagnosis of mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries….

Unresolved Questions of Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Regarding the Development and Use of Nanotechnology in Medical Applications

In his seminal work, “Democracy in America,” Alexis de Tocqueville warned against “the tyranny of the majority” – the idea that decisions would be made by a majority who placed their interests above those of…

ISIL as the Militarized Arm of the Arab Spring: How Crises of Authority Are Clearing the Path to Violence

Calling itself the Islamic State may one day be known as the greatest propaganda coup the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant achieved. [1] It triggered a legion of debate by media pundits, reinvigorated the…

Biobotic Insect Sensor Networks for Search and Rescue

The relatively recent developments in swarm robotics have found a variety of applications in areas ranging from military to environmental fields, where the superiority of swarm based distributed systems on certain tasks such as exploration,…

Power from the Sea

Humankind has extracted energy from the sea throughout civilized history. For millennia, the sea’s currents and winds have pushed ships and filled sails to provide transportation. For centuries, the sea’s role as a heat sink…