Cyberattack Predictive Modeling

POSTED:  March 30, 2018

Customer:  U.S. Army Reserve 76th Operational Response Command

Challenge:  As a result of their limited access to predictive cyberattack models, the U.S. Army Reserve 76th Operational Response Command requested information on predictive methodologies, algorithms, and technologies used in the anticipation and prevention of cyber-based attacks on the homeland and critical infrastructure.

Approach:  HDIAC identified several distribution cyberattack predictive modeling projects conducted by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. Prediction methodologies utilize  (1) artificial environments that mimic known cyberattacks, (2) sensors that identify emerging threats before full attack, and (3) object relation analysis in a multimodal approach for cyberattack anticipation.

Value:  HDIAC’s research provided the U.S. Army Reserve, 76th Operational Response Command, with critical recent developments, U.S. Department of Defense predictive modeling capabilities, and cyberattack mitigation solutions for use in the future development of a Cyber Consequence Management Unit.