What are the potential risks of agriculture technology owned by foreign entities?


Posted: March 22, 2022

Deadline: March 31, 2022

HDIAC is searching for technical expertise in how foreign investment into U.S. based agricultural businesses from competitive nations raise create potential security risks. Specifically, we are trying to identify the possible risk scenarios involving agricultural technology, such as geospatial imaging (including optical, infrared, etc); or autonomous farming vehicles (e.g. ruggedized autonomous vehicle systems intended to move large vehicles, drones, fleets, etc.); and access to genetic information on strains of plants that could be used to harm or destroy crops on a massive scale.

If you have any information, please provide contact information and relevant details either on the DoDTechipedia forum or in an email to John Clements (john.r.clements14.ctr@mail.mil), the HDIAC point of contact for this inquiry, or respond below in the comments.

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