Cultural Studies

Cultural and sociological analysis – research into the ideology, political, and economic nature of a culture to better understand its people and government for national security purposes.

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Podcast: The Effects of Multilingualism and Socio-culturalism on the Brain

Part 1 This discussion will address the comparative similarities and differences of the multilingual brain with the socio-cultural brain. While the multilingual brain functions unconsciously to create new meanings, new sensitivities, and new cross-cultural information…

The Changing Nature of Alliances: Rising Powers’ Perspectives

Projections regarding the future of the global order have traditionally relied on two assumptions: 1) rising powers are gradually “rising from within” the existing global governance infrastructure; and, 2) U.S.-led institutions are robust. To effectively…

Podcast: Socio-Cultural Understanding of the Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) Region

Part 1 In this podcast, Dr. Zoli discusses what she believes to be the top five challenges for Afghanistan and Pakistan and their relationship today, with emphasis on U.S. and Chinese security posture and engagement…


Human Performance and Biosystems Summit

The 4th Annual Human Performance & Biosystems Summit will bring together DoD, Military Research Labs, Industry, & Academia to have a ‘Town-Hall’ style discussion on current/future initiatives toward advancing human capabilities with innovative research and development…

2022 Personnel Recovery (PR) Modernization

The 2022 PR IR&D TIM will focus on Air Combat Command’s (ACC’s) all-domain PR and Combat Rescue mission area as it applies to near-peer denied, highly contested, and semi-permissive environments. Moreover, it will include crosscutting…

2022 Summit on School Safety, Security and Trauma Informed Practices

The purpose of this conference is to congregate leaders in the field of education, public policy, law enforcement, psychology and planning to expand the awareness and implementation of best practices and recommendations in school safety,…