Impacts of Hydrogen on the U.S. Navy Fleet

Source: NREL
Source: NREL,

Posted on June 9, 2023 | Completed on October 27, 2022

What are the current and future impacts of hydrogen on the U.S. Navy fleet?

The Homeland Defense & Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) received a technical inquiry about the impacts of hydrogen on the U.S. Navy fleet now and in the next 22 years.  HDIAC leveraged hydrogen-specific research recently provided for a completed technical inquiry “Alternative Fuels for Maritime Vessels” (Alternative Fuels for Maritime Vessels Inquiry Page) and specific searches regarding hydrogen-related agencies that published research and maintained a strong hydrogen supply chain. HDIAC identified 22 unique agencies with subject matter experts to discuss hydrogen’s potential contribution to U.S. maritime fleet vessels and the importance and challenges of the specific supply chain involved with each effort. The purpose of this inquiry was multifaceted considering the technological advancements and securing a resilient supply chain of critical technologies.

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