Technical Inquiries (TIs)

The core function of HDIAC is to answer technical questions using our in-house technical personnel, vast DoD information resources, and our extensive network of subject matter experts (SMEs). HDIAC has technical staff available to conduct technical research in order to give you a head start on your analysis or study in any of our technical focus areas. We offer a free 4-hour TI research service or, for slightly larger research efforts, we offer an extended technical inquiry (ETI) service.

Technical Inquiry Features

Our TIs include the following to help you with your research:

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Literature Searches

A curated bibliography given a technical topic

Document Requests

Dissemination of technical reports to authorized users

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SME Referrals

Contacts and connections with relevant, technical SMEs

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Free Technical Inquiry Services

HDIAC’s free TI service offers 4 hours of free research per inquiry on any topic within our technical focus areas. Typical TI efforts may include answering technical questions, literature searches, document requests, or referrals to SMEs. Completed responses are compiled and delivered to the inquirer in less than 10 business days. Registered users can submit TIs online through the provided form or by phone.

Extended Technical Inquiry (ETI) Services

ETIs are externally funded research efforts that go slightly beyond 4 research hours. ETIs require between 5 and 160 technical hours of research, with a $50K maximum ceiling and period of performance up to 2 months.


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Notable Inquiries

Notable TIs are findings and/or summaries of responses to the most recent and impactful technical inquiries submitted by HDIAC members under our 4 free hours of information research support.

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Firearms Training Software/Hardware for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Employees

What firearms training software/hardware is currently available to train federal or DoD employees?

Alternative Energy Solutions for Maritime Assets

What are alternative energy solutions for maritime assets for U.S. Coast Guard vessels and can they transition to other sources to reduce fossil fuel reliance?

Wearable Commercial/Government Off-the-Shelf (COTS/GOTS) Chemical Sensor Badges

What COTS and GOTS products are available for wearable chemical sensor badges?

Major Synthesis Routes to Produce Various Riot Control Agents

What are the major synthesis routes to produce various riot control agents?

Reflective White Paint Causing Cooling Effect to Surfaces

Can you provide information on a recently developed white paint that reflects sunlight?

Technological Lessons Learned From the Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine

Can you provide a listing of studies/analyses on lessons learned from the Ukraine war with Russia?