Contactless: The Next Generation of Fingerprint Capture Technology

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Presented: April 27, 2022 12:00 pm
Presented by: Thomas Buss

Fingerprints are the human barcode. Cameras on smartphones are advanced enough to collect fingerprints without physical contact, creating new opportunities for defense forces. Now, every operator can possess a fingerprint sensor using phones they already carry.

This webinar will discuss a smartphone-enabled technology that collects high-quality fingerprints touchlessly and then accurately matches them in real-time against information in connected legacy databases.  Using this technology, operators will be able to identify people without identification or carrying false documents.

With this technology, tasks that used to require a dedicated biometric device can be performed under field conditions, with just a smartphone, and without requiring contact. The ability to link real-time identity collection with authoritative identity databases will significantly enhance operator safety and help remove the cloak of anonymity that protects bad actors.


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