The automated methodology to uniquely identify humans using their physiological or behavioral attributes.

Recent Inquiries

Ultrasonic patch

Wearable Diagnostic Devices to Measure Infections

What technologies or studies are available related to wearable diagnostic devices that could measure viral and/or bacterial infections?

Wearable Sensors for Human Emotion and Sentiments

What wearable sensors can detect, collect, and transmit human emotion and sentiments through biomarker data?

AI/ML Used in Biometric Identification Applications

What information is available concerning DoD standards and/or methods for validating and implementing data derived from machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms used in biometric identification applications?


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Contactless: The Next Generation of Fingerprint Capture Technology

Fingerprints are the human barcode. Cameras on smartphones are advanced enough to collect fingerprints without physical contact, creating new opportunities for defense forces. Now, every operator can possess a fingerprint sensor using phones they already…

Exploring Biometric Validation Approaches in the Age of Covid-19

Biometrics can provide strong validation of persona under ideal circumstances and conditions. During Covid-19, a domestic mask mandate rendered biometric techniques like facial recognition somewhat challenged. As a result, additional complementary methods are required to…

unfamiliar facial recognition

Facial Recognition Performance and Its Measurement

Facial recognition sees daily press coverage for its capabilities, limitations, and policy implications. It has undergone a revolution since 2012, as the developer community has shifted toward the use of various convolutional neural network architectures….


17th International Conference on Face and Gesture Recognition

The 17th IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG 2023) will be held in Hawaii on 5-8 January 2023. The main conference will be 7-8 January, with additional workshops and trainings prior…

DARPA Forward: Texas A&M

Part of a series of events hosted by DARPA Forward, this session will cover a broad array of topics including field robotics, cyber operations, and joint battlespace. It will focus on biometrics and the biomedics…

Defense Health Information Technology Symposium

The Defense Health Information Technology Symposium is a three day annual conference, sponsored by the Defense Health Agency. DHITS attendees are government, military, and industry information technology professionals. The symposium provides a unique venue for…