Wearables for Physiological Monitoring and the DoD


Presented: March 22, 2018 2:00 pm
Presented by: Glory Emmanuel-Aviña, Ph.D., Gregory Nichols

This webinar will discuss wearables for physiological monitoring, presented by Glory Emmanuel-Aviña, Ph.D. (Sandia National Laboratories). Using wearable technologies to analyze human behavior and physiology in real-time could help to differentiate between fatigue and exposure to chemical and biological agents. Physical symptoms such as coughing, unfocused attention, and overheating could be indicators of fatigue or exposure. We need methods that can examine physiology at a deeper level to help differentiate between performance decrement from fatigue and health response from chem-bio exposures. In this webinar, Emmanuel-Aviña discusses methodologies and findings of human-subjects research that can be applied to high-consequence scenarios where chem-bio threats are prevalent. Further research is required to expand human-subjects research in wearable technologies so that the Department of Defense can continue to pursue advances in research and development to enhance human performance in military contexts.


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