Clean Energy: Idaho National Laboratory Launches Its Net-Zero Microgrid Program

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Idaho National Laboratory
Idaho National Laboratory

November 1, 2021 | Originally published by Idaho National Laboratory on October 27, 2021

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is launching a new Net-Zero Microgrid (NZM) program thanks to funding from the Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity. This program will research carbon-free solutions that offer enhanced resilience to critical infrastructure, supporting the United States and the entire globe, including underserved communities.

“Microgrids are a set of electricity generators that can manage themselves without being connected to the grid,” said Tim McJunkin, a distinguished researcher in INL’s Power and Energy Systems Department. “If they are connected to the grid, they can support themselves as well as the distribution and transmission systems. This means they can provide grid services to both local utilities and larger power authorities.”

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