HDIAC Journal Fall 2015 - Volume 2 Issue 3

Fall 2015: Volume 2 Issue 3

Published:  November 12, 2015

In an ever-changing, technologically advancing world, we as a country and defense community are consistently aiming to remain ahead of our adversaries. HDIAC’s eight focus areas cover the depth and breadth of some of the most challenging areas across the globe. As a Department of Defense Information Analysis Center, we are equally as excited to be an active part of the innovation solution. HDIAC leverages every tool at its disposal, including our Subject Matter Expert Network; information resources; the latest in science and technology; and research and development advancements from academia, industry, and other government agencies to further the goals of the DoD. The HDIAC Journal provides us the opportunity to highlight these various components of our Center as well as R&D, S&T, and other innovative developments across our focus areas.