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24 MAY 2022

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CBC Teams Explore Low-Cost, Lightweight Sensors for Warfighter Use

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD – The Soldier in the field is often required to carry multiple pieces of gear to handle various situations, and every pound matters. With this in mind, Army scientists and engineers are using their diverse skills to cultivate a microsensor development capability at the U.S. Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical…


Featured Notable Technical Inquiry

Military Working Dog CBRN Protection and Medical Countermeasures

Military working dogs are critical force multipliers to the U.S. Department of Defense. Protecting them in a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) environment is every bit as important as it is for their human counterparts. The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) researched CBRN protective equipment, medical countermeasures, and items available in the medical stockpile at the request of a military veterinarian….

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Military-Civilian Medical Surge Response: Why It Is More Critical Than Ever

Over the last several years, disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and threats from foreign near-peer adversaries have demonstrated the need to improve the military-civilian medical surge augmentation capability to effectively respond to situations that result in an influx of patients disrupting daily operations. Whether supporting the Global Health Security Agenda, the National Disaster Medical System, or…



Joint Air Survivability Summit 2024

The 2024 Joint Air Survivability Summit will highlight key threats posed to aerial platforms from adversaries and the innovative technologies or strategies, which may be used to counter them. At this forum, senior-level speakers will…

The 2024 FAA Drone and Advanced Air Mobility Symposium

Previously two separate events, the 2024 Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Drone and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Symposium is the first time both communities are connected to discuss safety and emerging technologies for our shared skies….

Public Health in a Migrant Crisis Tabletop Exercise

THIS IS AN IN-PERSON, COLLABORATIVE EVENT.   In 2022, there were over 100 million displaced persons globally, a number that only continues to grow. Because one region’s instability bleeds into its surrounding areas, it is all…

National Homeland Security Conference 2024

The National Homeland Security Conference brings together professionals in homeland security, law enforcement, fire, and emergency management. They include officials in federal agencies, nonprofit agencies, business owners, universities, and decision-makers to contribute or learn about…

17th International Detonation Symposium

The International Detonation Symposium started in 1951 and was originally a Navy-sponsored discussion of about 17 papers. In subsequent years, it has been sponsored by U.S. Department of Defense and Energy labs and has grown…

Voice From the Community

Dr. Molly Jahn, DARPA
Dr. Molly Jahn

Program Manager, DARPA

Dr. Molly Jahn joined DARPA as a program manager in the Defense Sciences Office. Her work focuses on building programs to improve resiliency in the global food and agricultural systems—critical infrastructure sectors so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on national security. She has held multiple appointments in academia, at national laboratories, and in the U.S. government, including serving as Deputy and Acting Under Secretary of Research, Education, and Economics at the Department of Agriculture.

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