United States Government National Standards Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technology

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The White House
The White House

May 15, 2023 | Originally published by The White House on May 4, 2023

Strength in standards development has been instrumental to the United States’ global technological leadership. Standards development underpins economic prosperity across the country and fortifies U.S. leadership in the industries of the future at the same time. Bolstering U.S. engagement in standards for critical and emerging technology spaces will strengthen U.S. economic and national security. The U.S. government has long engaged in these standards development processes through an approach built on transparency, private sector and public
sector leadership, and stakeholder engagement—a process that reflects the United States’ commitment to free and fair market competition in which the best technologies come to market. Government support for scientific research and development, an open investment climate, and the rule of law have also been critical for U.S. standards leadership. America’s workers, economy, and society have benefited significantly as a result, as have those of like-minded nations with which the United States has collaborated to forge technological progress.

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