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Upcoming Webinars

The Clear and Present Threat of Chem-Bio and Data and Cyberscientific and Technological Tools and Techniques

Given the current global shift toward symmetrical warfare, major powers – and non-state proxies – are developing radical leveling and emerging technology for use as “deterrence leveraging” in both non-kinetic and kinetic engagements. Although regnant…

A political map of the Caribbean Sea showing Central and South America.

Security Implications for the United States from Iranian and Hezbollah Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean

This presentation will examine engagement with Latin America by Iran, its government agents, and surrogate groups such as Hezbollah, including terrorist finance, terrorism, and other activities and their evolution in recent years.  It will address…

Past Webinars

A white chrysanthemum (left) compared with a ZnO nanoflower developed by ultrasonication method (right). (Released)

Nanotechnology and Society: Philosophical, Religious, and Cultural Aspects

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on a scale of 1 to 100 nanometers. Modern science has given us the ability to influence individual atoms…

Identifying Priorities for R&D in Biometric Technologies

Biometrics is the automated method of identifying or verifying an individual based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. This webinar takes a deeper look into defining…

Briefing on Syrian Chemical Weapons Destruction

The objective of this webinar is to provide information on the complete Syrian chemical weapons destruction effort and present some details on the U.S. involvement…